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Childcare Age Groups


Infant Group

Ages 0-22 Months

Our Infants and Wobblers are together in a large carpeted daycare playroom, where a loving, safe and secure environment is created for your precious children. The teachers and caregivers will interact with each child to provide individual attention to all their needs.

Caters for individualized routines, providing consistency between the home and center environment for young babies. Families will advise our teachers of their child’s home routine and this will be followed as closely as possible.

Toddler Group

Ages 22 Months – 3 1/2 Years Old

Our toddlers daycare program has six interest areas that the children choose to play in that provides them the opportunity to use their imagination, learn social and cognitive skills. Pre-writing and pre-reading materials are introduced to each child according to their age and readiness.

The children enjoy playground time every day! Their curiosity and creativity are welcomed and encouraged. Learning through play helps develop social skills, emotional awareness, fine motor skills, and independence.

At this stage toddlers are mostly about exploring the environment around them and testing their own physical abilities and limitations.


Curious toddlers need a safe environment with plenty of space to explore and make discoveries. We provide the right furniture, toys, and most importantly supervision to make sure this experience is safe and fun.


Pre-school Group

3 1/2 – 5 Years Old

Specifically catering for children in the important year before commencing school, The Transition to School pre-school program is designed to equip them with the essential skills required in their future schooling years.


Our Transition to School program is based on the Department of Education's Transition to School Statement which promotes a child-center approach and aims to provide continuity of learning between early childhood services and kindergarten. This program has a focus on social and emotional skills along with an introduction to basic literacy and numeracy.


Extra-curricular activities are offered throughout the year, including languages, exercise and dance programs. These are aimed to enhance the daily program and are implemented in smaller groups to ensure each child has focused attention throughout these experiences.


Breakfast, healthy snacks and a nutritious lunch are included in tuition.

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