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Our Philosophy

Our focus is on whole child development, and our premier curriculum enables children to develop in four domains.​


Developing problem solving skills and scientific thinking; stimulating oral and written language development

Personal and Social

Social experiences facilitate cooperation, conversation, sharing, and making friends.


Developing fine and gross motor skills; basic hygiene, and self-help skills

Creative Expression & Aesthetic Development

Using imagination; engaging in music and dance activities; using a variety of art materials for creative expression

Our preschool program encourages experiential learning through exploration and discovery, and we place great emphasis on following each child’s personal motivation and curiosity. We adapt the curriculum to meet every child’s unique needs and learning style, and we hold dear the belief that each child is entitled to be treated with respect and individual consideration.


We encourage children to respect cultural differences and traditions by incorporating social studies into our daycare curriculum, emphasizing the similarities of all people while learning about their interesting and unique differences. Activities are thoughtfully planned to encourage a healthy self-concept and independence.

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